Personal Identity Essay

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Part A-Defining Identity Identity are traits that express who you are.The five traits that attributes to my Identity are stubborn, intelligent, creative, apprehensive, animated. If I had to describe my mother’s Identity I would say my mother’s attributes are strong, skilled, compassionate, independent, stubborn. My thought process of choosing attributes that describes myself and my mother are traits that really describe who we are, excluding gender or race. I did not want to include gender or race because those are unsubstantial things that contribute to a small degree of who you are. Stereotypically I am labeled as an African American female, but I am more than that. I wanted to be creative and really think of the traits that really…show more content…
My criteria of Privilege eliminates the need for intentional display of materialistic values. I prefer things that you need to live to be the true measure of privilege due to the fact there are people with less, which some may forget because they are not competent with what they do have. Privilege is an acknowledgment of what you have and that may vary with different people and how they choose to identity themselves. Others may contribute their wealth to being privileged and some may think having family and just being alive is a privilege. This is where the beauty of differences of Identity and perspectives of Privilege is displayed. Time after time, the United States has shown to only help the rich population which is discussed in the article “Savage Inequalities”by Paul Street. This article states” the United States remains a harshly unequal society in which policy primarily serves the interests of the privileged 1 percent that owns roughly 40 percent of the nation's wealth”. This article’s perspective of privilege and power is attributed to wealth. It feeds into the assumption that if you are wealthy you are powerful and privileged more than an person who has less. My idea of privilege contradicts this because I believe being privileged is to have access to necessities and life in general which excludes the amount of wealth. Some
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