Personal Identity Is A Choice Not Dna

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Personal Identity Is a Choice Not DNA In the quest for acceptance into the world many people discover it difficult to put aside cultural difference to obtain, a better medium on social issues surrounding racial derive tension. Equally, culture is a determining element in the average household, on how a person should live out their life. The puzzling factor for many people is finding a way out of the bias reasoning for why a person should only function as peers from their own community. Comparatively, Langston Hughes a historical Harlem Renaissance poet, is addressing the topic base on personal identity in the poem “Theme for English B.” The time period surrounds the Harlem Renaissance is not so different from the world of today on cultural difference, that dividing people from being whom they want to be and reject by others on the color of their skin. The reference of this poem is critical when analyzing issues of personal identity from culture to similarity in common interest in everyday people; the need for self-identity. Thus, Culture should not be an issue when attempting to find acceptance amongst others when advocating self-identity for personal acceptance in spirit. Pressure for change when identifying the need to move away from origin in cultural up bring is a hard battle for anyone to win when family tides hold the link in change. For instance, people undergo a lifetime of cultural awareness from birth with knowledge of struggle and scarify instilled in the mind

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