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The most difficult thing to tell anyone about me is my identity, not that there’s much there. It’s the fact that I’m a privileged white male; I have no history. The only thing about me is that I’m different than everyone else. But isn’t everybody? Many people say they’re a cat in a dog world, a fish swimming among sharks. But the reality is that yes, you are different, but everybody else is too. You are unique; everybody is. Most would say I’m idiosyncratic, a stupidly complicated synonym for weird. I do the same things as everybody else, but in my own way. For instance, in elementary school, I read around 100 books, I used to knit, I can juggle, solve a rubik’s cube and so much more. When I was around five to twelve years old, I made things nonstop. Whether it was an origami Darth Vader to a PVC bow and arrow. I did this whenever I had spare time. Sometimes whole days (2-7 hours) would be spent just making things. I would either go online and look up how to make something, or I would wing it and do it with no guidelines. I think I loved doing this so much because I hate being bored. The sounds of cutting and sanding, the smells of sawdust, the feel of polished wood, and the image of the finished project looming in your mind are all things I’ve come to love. One day I got this game, Portal 2. I played it a bunch, then decided to make the portal gun (a gun that shot portals) from the game. For a long time I searched for a template, not finding any. It was a few days later that I found one. It was a paper craft; something created fully out of paper. I spent a little bit deliberating whether I would actually build it, as it as fifty-two pages. I decided to print it. Ten minutes later, I took that paper and got to work. The first page looked extremely tedious to cut. It had a seemingly infinite amounts of points and curves, taunting me, saying I couldn’t do it. So I whipped out my scissors and got to it. Another ten minutes later, the first page had been cut. I started to fold the pieces, then realized I didn’t know how to put them together. I looked online for anything but found nothing, so I just decided to wing it. For a few months I kept cutting and taping. There were countless times when I cut a piece wrong
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