Personal Identity Research Paper

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Your personal identity is who you are as a person. You demonstrate parts of your personal identity through what you wear, or how you act towards other people. Some things that are important aspects of your personal identity are your birth order, family dynamics, and just your personality in general. You also demonstrate part of your personality through what you want in the future. Your dreams are an important part of your personal identity. Life is like a road trip and our dreams are your destination. If you have no dream you’ll spend your entire life driving in a circle. If you have no dream you won’t accomplish anything. In the future, I want people to be accepting towards everyone. Your birth order plays a big role in your personal identity.…show more content…
My favorite one that we did was the Myers Briggs. I got INFP, which means I mean emotional, and I also don’t do well with criticism. I was reading some of the definitions for INFP’s, and they were all so accurate. For example, INFP‘s tend to delay important decisions and withhold judgement. They also tend to look at the big picture, rather than look at the small details. I also liked the colors personality test. I got blue, which again means that I’m emotional and I am also sensitive towards other people’s emotions. The blue personality types are driven by intimacy or connecting and creating equal relationships. I show empathy a lot, because I understand when someone is feeling depressed or anxious. I have a felt a lot of emotions, such as depression and anxiety, so I know what it feels like. I like that I show empathy. I like being able to know what the other person feels likes. I also feel like if you’re empathetic, people are able to tell you more personal things. Blues also tend to be very trustworthy and reliable. I would say that I am a very trustworthy person. Personal identity shows up in many aspects of our lives. Personal identity may also include things you have no control over, such as where you grew up or the color of your eyes, as well as the choices you make in life. Our personal identity helps understand who we are as a
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