Personal Impact On Identity

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Although American society provides us with much, it hurts our identities. There is an expectation to act a certain way and fit in. Technology has made us impressionable and tells us what to think, not allowing for personal opinions. School, a big part of society, does not allow people to pursue other activities and parts of their identities. American society tries to tell us how to act, what to think, and doesn’t allow time to discover ourselves.
“Ha! Nerds!” these two words greatly affected my friends identity. I attend a part time school called TVMSC. Here, students participate in advanced math and science classes otherwise unavailable to students at their regular schools. TVMSC is inside another school building, resulting in overlap in classrooms. One day, a few years, while walking from one TVMSC class to another, a snarky seventh grader from the other school shouted “Ha! Nerds!” to a group of us. I brushed it off like it was nothing, but one of my friends would not let it go. “I should really get that kid in trouble” He remarked with a scowl, contemplating on whether or not to talk to the principal. I didn’t think much about it. I continued my classes with that friend and we both did really well, even with occasional teasing from other students. The next year, I noticed my friend was no longer attending TVMSC. When I questioned him he responded with half hearted excuses like “I didn’t like it there” or “it was too hard”. Both of these were false statements; he was a
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