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Personal Impact Paper Bernard R. Bossert Jr. NUR 427 October 4, 2014 Professor Beard Personal Impact Paper According to The Center for Managing Chronic Disease at the University of Michigan (2011) website, chronic disease can be defined as any medical condition in which the treatment expectation is one of control, rather than cure. The website further states that up to 70% (1.7 million) of deaths in the United States can be attributed to chronic disease. This statistic is not limited to the United States. The World Health Organization (2014) website states chronic disease accounts for 60% of all deaths worldwide, and half of those deaths occurred in people under the age of 70. The diagnosis of a chronic disease impacts a person in…show more content…
I had been an EMT and phlebotomist for four years at this point. I had seen hospitalized patients with asthma and how it limited their lives. I was determined not to let this happen to me. I began to do research on living with asthma. I started with the American Lung Association website. I read every page on it that had to do with asthma. It was there that I learned about a program called “Breathe Well, Live Well”. The American Lung Association (2014) website states that this is a program, aimed at adults, who want to better control their asthma. It involves a small workshop that teaches the participants how to get help from their physician, what asthma control medicines are available, how asthma and other conditions interact, what may trigger an attack, tracking symptoms, and developing healthy habits. I participated in one of these workshops and came away feeling much better about my condition. I met other people, young and old, who were also living with asthma. This allowed me to make new friends and connections with people who understood what I was experiencing. I adopted certain habits that I felt would assist in preventing the asthma from worsening. I exercised on a daily basis in order to keep weight off. I also avoided known triggers for asthma, which included wearing my SCBa until all

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