Personal Importance

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In his commencement sppech, David Forester Walla writes many useful things that we face in our everyday life. What is life? How you will leave it? It is YOUR choice. For many people, life is a routine: YOU wake up, take a shower, put your expensive perfume, get in your “Audi A5”, turn on “50 Cent”. Then YOU stuck in traffic - those 30 minutes seem 2 hours for YOU and YOU get annoyed, then angry. At work you do everything perfectly, but your boss does not appreciate it. You think that it is because of your race, expensive cloth or that this boss is just jealous. Wait, do not take anything personally. You, as a person, have to make an agreement with yourself whether to be free or to always think that everybody is against you in this world.…show more content…
Everything I do is influencing their lives from day to day. I am in between those stars. You always have to be attentive to what is going around. Help people and do not be greedy. You will notice the change as everything will turn in one thing: in every human, every tree, every animal, every drop of water on the maple leaf - you will see yourself. Do not be concerned about yourself: try to open your mind and soul to others. Never wait that somebody is going to return you a favor. 
David Forester Walla inspired me. The concept that is really important in this world is a knowledge how to control yourself. This skill will help everybody in their lives. While fighting with your spouse, or your friend - a flood of emotion comes out. Every day we awake with a certain amount of mental, emotional, and physical energy that we spend throughout the day. The real thing is: the way you see the world will depend upon the emotions you are feeling right here and right now. Mr.Malone, I have a question: what do you feel right now? Are you angry at me because my essay is not that good? Or are you proud of yourself that you could make me think this way? Think about it, when you are angry, everything around you is so dark, wrong, nothing is right. Likewise, then you are sad, everything around you feel sad, depressive; you see the rain and everything looks just sad. Now, imagine that your mind is a human skin. When you
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