Personal Influences On Socrates

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Influential Socrates Socrates was a very strong minded man that he stood by all his beliefs and his quotes. Socrates anticipates that the best way for people to reside in their surroundings was to focus on self-development of the mind than to think about the recreation of wealth. The philosopher Socrates was a very influential man that he influenced the young to believe in his practices and believes. He wanted people to develop friendship with one another by getting along peacefully. Socrates felt like friendship was the true organization for people to come together as one. He wanted people to grow united regardless of status, money, and wealth. The philosopher Socrates lived up to the quotes he created for his lifestyle. He was a very strong minded man and he didn’t fear death. In ancient times, people thought that he would have changed his philosophies and views on the lifestyle that he lived but he stood by his principles and never folded on his integrity. The thought of him standing by his ideas showed that death didn’t scare him at all. He didn’t want to break away from his ideas to please society. The character of this philosopher stood with all his teachings that made him a very powerful individual. Socrates questioned many Athenians to live the life of virtue and to recover their soul for improvement. He challenged the followers because he wanted to show if they really were practicing what he taught them. Socrates felt like everyone was responsible for their
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