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I became interested in Education in a Diverse Society because I enjoy diversity and how different people can come together to work or learn as one unit. Volunteering with children is what made me interested in education. Even though I have no plans in becoming a teacher, I would like to keep volunteering at schools and other events such as camps because I enjoy helping children develop their minds and learn various aspects that pertain to life. Attending school in America my whole life and knowing the ins and outs of the system and studying other international systems made me realize the immense differences in the education systems around the world from American school systems. These differences range from student-teacher
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The punishment system could involve being detained after class, minimizing class activity time, negative points and letters to parents. I feel that students need to be kept in check at all times and that the reward and punishment systems would help the students stay on track because they would want to receive the reward and try to stay away from the punishment. The subjects in school that should be offered to students are several levels of math and science courses, philosophy, language arts including an intensive writing class, mandatory foreign language classes with a range of language preferences and electives such as art, theater, music/voice lessons and other creative forms of expression. Also schools should have a mandatory fitness class, ethics classes and optional cooking classes or other various electives. I believe these classes are a good balance to the student and would provide an enriching and rewarding learning experience.
Each school has a different set of needs for their students. These needs may change due to socio-economic levels of the students in that school, whether the school has children with disabilities and many other factors. Therefore I believe that the principal if the school and the school heads should give the teachers the flexibility between what books they want to use and how to set up the classrooms. The school board of directors and the
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