Personal Information Collected Through Smart Devices, Social Media

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Personal Information Collected Through Smart Devices, Social Media

Consumer guides defines a smart phone as “handheld electronic device that has features of both a mobile phone and a computer”. The security issue of malware in smartphones has been an ongoing problem but the most important security issue in smartphones today is the data over collection by the apps in the smartphones. More than the information you store, the modern day devices also use your biometrics like fingerprints and voice recognition systems which is the collection of certain voice characteristics for the purpose of recognizing an individual currently implicates a range of laws as found by Stacey Grey,
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IMEI and UDID are the unique ID of a user’s phone. Access to IMEI/UDID is a major concern as well as it ad networks and application developers can get in depth view of users by creating a complete profile of a user across multiple apps combined with other over-collected data (Li et al. 2016, 1342).
Data Collection and Public Awareness
The apps used today often collect data more than needed for its functionality (Li et al. 2016, p.1340). Often these apps track the user location, access the photos, address books, access calendar and track IMEI/UDID without users’ notice (Li et al. 2016, 1340). A report by appthority shows that 24 percent of the top iOS paid apps track users’ location. Whereas, 82 percent of the top Android free apps and 49 percent of the top Android paid apps track users’ location (Li et al. 2016, 1340). Enck et al. (2011, p.28) studied 1,100 Android apps, and found that half of these apps exposed location data to third-party advertisement servers without requiring implicit or explicit user consent.
Several previous studies have shown that people are unaware of the data collected by the apps running on their devices Bram Bonne et al (2014) found in their research that 90% of the participants were worried about the information being collected and 81% wanting to take further precautions to
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