Personal Injury In Sports Essay

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Personal Injuries That Can Happen At The Ballpark
Have you ever read the disclaimer on the back of your ticket to a baseball games? It says that there is a chance that foul balls or bats can go into the stands during the game, and you assume the risk of injury by purchasing a ticket to the baseball game. Does this mean that you are out of luck if you are injured in a freak accident while enjoying a game? The law may actually be on your side in this situation.
There are only a few cases where the courts sided with the stadiums or sports teams in personal injury cases, since fans often win their case or settle outside of court. For instance, there was a 2002 case where a teenager was killed by a wild puck in a hockey game that went over the
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A foul ball struck a woman behind the safety net a baseball game in Pittsburgh back in 2015, which was an area that was supposed to be safe from foul balls..
Broken Bats
It’s possible that a bat could shatter upon impact with the ball, causing pieces of wood to go flying into the stands. While not as common as a foul ball, it poses a serious risk of injury to those attending the game. Any injury suffered from a broken bat is worth pursuing legal action to compensate you for the damages.
An incident in Boston caused a man to be struck by pieces of a broken bat while sitting along the foul lines between home plate and 1st base. This incident has actually caused the ballpark to re-evaluate how far the safety nets extend, which is an indication that something could have been done to prevent the injury from occurring. Currently, safety nets do not extend to the dugouts, which is an area prone to projectiles at a high speed.
Injuries at the ballpark are not just limited to projectiles flying into the stadium, but can also be caused by a slip and fall. If you are in need of help getting the compensation you deserve for a personal injury case at the ballpark, don’t assume you are out of luck because of that disclaimer on the ticket. Know that Kidwell & Gallagher LTD can
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