Personal Innovation

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Introduction This paper will examine the personal growth I have achieved during this class. It will examine the strength and weakness and how they related to innovation and leadership. Risk taking as well as creativity and flexibility will be examined. Defining a problem and or process in my personal life will be looked at as well. Assess risk and creativity could be considered parts of being an innovator. We all take risk each day but to do it in a way that helps create new ideas is what set the innovators apart from the rest of the field. The other part of this paper will examine the innovation plan and how it can be implemented. The innovation plan will include a problem or process that I have in my personal or…show more content…
Integrity is a very strong area for me, because without it is impossible to get things done. People will always look at you different if they know that your integrity level can be compromised it is the foundation for each of us and without it you are fighting an up hill battle. Inspiration is a strong point as well, when people find out that I am trying to get my degree they tell me how much of an inspiration I am to them. I use innovation and my leadership skills to help with this area. I know that I might be an inspiration to them, but it takes a lot of hard work to get it done. Inspiration comes in different forms and I know there are people who are inspirations to me as well. Learning about inspiration has affected me more than any other concepts. Part of inspiration is smiling, kind words, listening, compliments, and small acts of kindness towards others. A person’s attitude means everything in the business world, and I am learning more and more how to be an inspiration to my coworkers as well as those whom I supervise. Improvement is a strong area for me as well, I feel that by going back to school and getting my degree is a great improvement for me. I always try to make others see that I am trying to improve who I am in hope’s that they will join me and make lasting improvement about themselves. Innovation Plan A problem I have in my personal life is my financial status. It
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