Personal Integrity, Trustworthiness, And Credibility

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discussed is personal integrity which encompasses ethical standards, trustworthiness, and credibility (Carroll, 2005). In many studies, honesty is identified as the most important characteristics of an admired leader (Carroll, 2005). Honesty is judged by behavior that is consistent in words and deeds and in touch with core values and beliefs (Carroll, 2005). By working towards the DNP degree, I am affirming to myself and others that I value and believe in the profession of nursing and I am a life-long learner. It has required both integrity and a moral and ethical criterion to develop a successful business as an independent nurse practitioner in a community where such a practice is an oddity. My ability to be honest, trustworthy, and credible during the time that I worked in a physician owned practice has carried over to private practice and is what has grown my business over time. I opened the door of my practice with the support of a team who believed in a vision and a small group of dedicated patients that followed me, and the organization continues to flourish and reach farther than I might have ever imagined. The second trait described is strategic vision or action orientation. Carroll (2005) states that strategic vision is composed of elements related to creating and articulating a vision of a preferred future, managing change, seeing possibilities instead of obstacles, exhibiting a determination to succeed and a commitment to action, being proactive,
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