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My Internship at Wipro Ltd I am given the opportunity to work in Wipro Ltd. for two months from 2nd May, 2017 to 2nd June, 2017. It was part of my educational program. As my major in Human Resource Management, I work in HR (Talent Acquisition) Division as an intern where I have learned several practices of human resource division of the Wipro Ltd. The Noida branch of Wipro Ltd was started in the year 2002 when it entered into BPO with its dedicated services to the world. The Branch operates various functions and process which have diversified requirements with total number of 4500 employees approx. The main aim of the company is to offer services based on world-class infrastructure, industry expert skills, proven process oriented service operations that are backed by principals to ensure world’s best way of delivering IT infrastructure management solution. Wipro states its vision as “To serve customers with integrity through innovation, value for money solutions, by applying thought day after day. 1. Description of the job: At Wipro Ltd. I have done different tasks that are conduct by the recruitment and talent acquisition under Human Resource division. First day, I was introduced to my team members with whom I would do my work by my supervisor Miss. Ambika Agarwal. She also gave me some brief about job descriptions. I was assigned to the following jobs regularly. Those were:  Collecting resumes  Screening resumes  Preparing Line up tracker  Calling candidates
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