Personal Interpretation Of The Bible

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In my opinion, personal interpretation of the Bible is a crucial aspect of having a meaningful relationship with God. Our individual interpretations are different because our relationships with God are all different. Part of our fellowship as Christians is being able to learn from each other, and that would be impossible if we all thought and understood God in exactly the same way. These different interpretations of the Bible allow us to grow in our beliefs, and creates more meaningful communities within the Body of Christ. I think that this idea is highlighted in I Corinthians 11:4-16. In this passage, God instructs His people on how men and women should dress, and explains why women should keep their heads covered while men should keep their heads uncovered. One way of reading this passage is to take it literally. In extremely conservative forms of Christianity, these verses are followed literally. The implications of this practice can be seen in general society today as well, for example, the fact that removing your hat is considered a sign of respect in Western society. Liberal denominations often chafe at the concept of women being required to submit to men, however, I believe that this passage has a different meaning when taken in context. If you read further in chapter 11, God also commands men to love their wife as they love their own flesh. God defines marriage as a covenant between a man and woman, and, because of that covenant, they like one person in God’s

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