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Personal Interview For my interview, I interviewed Mr. Mercado, he is from the X generation, and made made some very good points. He compared our genration (millennials, also known as generation Y), to his generation (genration X.) To start off I asked him to compare his generation vs. ours in attitude towards work. He said that we both look at work in the same way, we are both equally as motivated, except our generation is more afraid of hard work. The differences he gave was for his generation, they are more hesitant, beecause they are trying to train our youth for that don’t even exist. While our generation in general, is wanting to use create and use technology to do the hard for us. Next, I asked Mercado what he thought of his generation vs. ours in respect towards authority. He didn’t have a lot to …show more content…

He mentioned, we are all always wanting to find a different but trying to do well at our current job to be able to be moved up. Moving on, I asked him to compare our training style preferred vs. his generation. The answer he gave was short but made a lot of sense. He said that our generation would rather teach ourselves, as we are always using Google for example and relying on technology. While his generation doesn’t want to rely on technology so much, but rather be taught by a person. Finally, I asked Mercado to compare our generations in work/life balance. This here was my favorite of all of his answers. He explained how in his generation, they were the sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Then once they hit an age in there earlier 20’s they snapped back to getting married and having kids. Then he made a point how our generation is how we want to live life and mentioned that many of may not have a “snap back: as his generation, and how many of us will probably not be having families and have traditional lives of having families but rather follow our

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