Personal Inventory Assessment : Assessment And The Time Management Assessment

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Self-Assessments Within the MyManagmentLab for the Managing People in Organizations, class there is a section called Personal Inventory Assessments. These are short questionnaires to evaluate different aspects of a person’s life. I did multiple ones but the three personal inventory assessments I found most useful where the stress management assessment, the self-awareness assessment and the time management assessment. The stress management quiz analyzed how I manage and react during stressful situations with my results being 24. My results said that I have a high resilience to stress and do not get worried very easily, however, I am not very effective at eliminating stress or developing coping strategies when I do ultimately get stressed. I can definitely relate to this because when I am stressed about something, I usually just give up on it and quit or push it off until the last minute, which usually results in more stress. The next test I took was the self-awareness test. This assessment investigates how well I know myself. My score on this test was 55, just slightly below average. It asked questions about how well I know my personal beliefs and how open I am to structural criticism and feedback. It also asked if I had a friend that I would confide in and ask for advice from. Anyone who knows my best friend and me knows we tell each other absolutely everything, argue, and debate about almost anything. She is also one of the few people whose opinion and advice I will

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