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Personal Issues Essay “Honor your father and your mother” the fifth of the Ten Commandments of God. Is placing my dear father in the nursing home at this time dishonoring him? We generally get into care giving for our elders because of our love for them. However, diseases such as dementia, Parkinson 's disease and strokes, can take such a huge toll on the elder that we barely recognize the personality of the person we are caring for. They can become so difficult to manage, care can be so exhausting, and guilt over not being able to make things better for them can be so overwhelming, that we don 't know where to turn. This is my dilemma right now. In our Asian culture this is a big issue within the family. No matter what…show more content…
My mother gave me silence and a blank face and when I mentioned the above. Later that day, my mother gave me an “ok” word to go ahead and look for a facility where we can place my father. Putting your loved one in a nursing home is not an easy decision to come by. The decision will affect the individual concerned and the entire family members. So, if not properly and adequately taken care of, the decision can have a devastating effect on both the individual concerned and the other family members. I contacted and asked help from our home health provider that usually visits my father three times a week. I suggested around our area here in San Fernando Valley so it would be accessible for us especially my mother to go and visit him anytime she feels too. I also asked friends to help me find a place safe for my father. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes achieve the same standards of care nor do all of these facilities hire the highest quality staff. Reports and class action lawsuits related to neglect or physical abuse occurring in these facilities have been numerous in the last couple of decades, despite changes in the law meant to prevent such problems. Even in the best nursing homes, employees will occasionally steal from patients or will not provide for their needs appropriately. This is the reputation of nursing home that I am hearing from others. There is little privacy for the residents of this nursing home. Their living
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