Personal Issues Of The United States

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- How might laying down these rights glorify God, advance his kingdom, benefit others, and benefit you? Rather than doing to others what they have done to us or giving them what they may deserve, we are to treat them the way we want them to treat us. This will strengthen the neighboring ministries while placing faith back into those disbelievers. a. Which of the personal issues or offenses described in your answer to question 2 can you simply overlook? How might overlooking them please and honor God? The personal issues I could overlook would be: “She seems to love embarrassing me in front of everyone.” Out of the three listed personal this one didn’t really create a wall amongst myself and my grandmother. Nor did the offense cause serious…show more content…
2. Conflict Starts in the Heart- Conflict is an unavoidable truth. God made each of us in his own particular picture, yet he additionally made us unique. Along these lines some of our perspectives and assessments will contrast from those of others. Conflict regularly happens in light of absence of appreciation for another 's need and perspectives. a. Answer the following questions with regards to this situation to identify desire that may have grown into controlling demands. -What am I preoccupied with? When I was younger I would; occasionally find myself preoccupied with minor thoughts of disgust and frustration over the way my grandmother treated us. However, throughout my life I’ve learned to not dwell. How would I fill in this blank? “If I only _____, then I would be happy, fulfilled, and secure with regard to this situation” -What do I want to preserve or avoid at any cost? More the anything I truly want to preserve my faith and Gospel and at all cost avoid negative encounters. -What do I fear may happen in this situation? Knowing my grandmother confronting her can be problematic and stressful. The biggest fear is that she would take everything out content and blowup, and become real offensive. When a certain desire is not met, do I feel frustration, anxiety, resentment, bitterness, anger, or depression? Frustration -Is there something I desire so much that I am willing to disappoint or hurt others in order to have it? Honestly there is nothing
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