Personal Journal And Love Writing Poetry

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At the start of this English 1A course I ran into a few struggling problems. The first was I hadn’t written much since high school, though I do try to keep a personal journal and love writing poetry. Between having to go to work taking care of a dog maintaining a social life and attending school writing quickly became an old pastime. So, upon being told to freewrite the first day of class I froze, not remembering how to write, though I am someone who usually has plenty to say.
Once I got started another problem soon arose my mind was no longer aware of how to properly write a paper. A jumble of words came up that I couldn’t remember how to spell so I would end up changing the word I was using or what I was saying. Next was punctuation I rarely know where to place: colons, hyphens, brackets, apostrophes, etc. They have tended to be a confusing part of writing throughout my entire life. I used to believe I knew where to put commas, but after having to edit a few papers due to comma placement I am no longer sure.
Thankfully, it didn’t take long for my love of writing to kick back into gear due to learning a new form of writing. This style is freewriting and isn’t focused on factors such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Sadly, I got a little too carried away with the idea that I could just throw words on paper and received criticism on my collage for a few awkward word choices. However, freewriting is still an important style dedicated to helping thoughts make it from

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