Personal Journal: My Dad, My Biggest Supporter

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Ruth E. Renkel once said, “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” That is evident in the woman I have become from the little girl that my dad raised. With his patient teaching manner and “You can do it!” mentality, my dad is the person who has most inspired me. He was my greatest teacher, my biggest supporter, my best friend, and I would not be the person I am today if not for his loving guidance during my younger years. When I was younger, I could not wait for my dad to come home from work each day anticipating the stories that he would have to tell. He had such a way of telling a story that it would draw the listener in like a moth to a flame. I thought they were just neat stories about interesting people and situations that he had encountered in his life. For the longest time I was oblivious to the fact that each story was a lesson about life that my dad would use to teach me about values. Adamant that I would not face the same obstacles in life that his lack of education had granted him he was determined that I be successful in my studies. Though he may have been illiterate when it came to spelling and the mechanics of writing, he was very intelligent and loved to learn new things. His inability to spell did not deter him and he was an avid reader absorbing every bit of knowledge he could from just about…

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