Personal Leadership And Action Plan

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Personal Leadership and Action Plan
This paper will incorporate four of the self-assessment I completed (Leadership, 2004). They are as follows; social motives in the work setting, my leadership styles, emotional intelligence, and team excellence. I will also identify and discuss my leadership characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. We must first understand what leadership means. To lead, nonetheless, is to excite, to impact, and to inspire. Successful leaders move others to draw in incredibleness, to stretch out themselves and to go past their perform work necessities by producing innovative thoughts. It has been said that directors are individuals who do things right and leaders are individuals who make the best choice." This refinement is to some degree exaggerated since successful leaders do a considerable measure of overseeing and compelling chiefs need to lead.
The self-assessment I performed in social motives indicates that I have firm concerns for human benefits (Leadership, 2004). Leaders with these characteristics care about people and hope to help mankind. Common characteristics of this type of leader are helpfulness, generosity, and thoughtfulness and welfare of others. The second assessment was leadership styles and my preferred style of leading is participative style. This style consists of leaders and followers sharing in decision making. The leaders let the people know the principles and set forth methods of decision making and everyone is involved in
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