Personal Leadership And Management Style

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Nursing professions today assume the leadership and management responsibilities in any activity they involve in the health care system. Leadership and management are frequently intertwined. Huber (2006) defined leadership and management as, “the process of influencing people to accomplish a goal and management as coordinate and integrate of resource through planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and controlling to accomplish a specific institutional goals and objectives”(Huber, 2006, p. 6). In this paper, l will address my personal leadership and management style, use one of the theory of management and leadership in the test book to explain my experience in my workplace, and discuss the positive and negative aspects of the theory. Also, l will address the style of management l will utilize as manager, and the definition of virtue and the role it has in a nurse manager or leader. Personal Leadership and Management Style In our daily life, each and everyone has a leadership and management style in managing their life. My leadership and management style is democratic style. Democratic leadership style is when a leader seeks the participation of the team members in planning and decisions making. The leader encourages suggestion and inputs form the team and actively guides the team towards goal attainment (Marquis& Huston, 2015). As a leader, l always encourage opinions from my team when comes to decision making. Team work is my motor. For example, at work l
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