Personal Leadership And Philosophy Style

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Personal Leadership and Philosophy Style
Four years ago I wrote my first “Personal Philosophy of Leadership” paper. The personal leadership style I identified with, at that time, was the democratic style. I had chosen this style of leadership because of the teamwork, constructive criticism, motivation, good communication, dedication, and good attitude attributes of the democratic style. Four years later, being present time, I have learned and experienced a great deal more about leadership styles. I now think I identify with a mixture of both the democratic style for the attributes aforementioned, as well as the affiliative style for the relationship-building, freedom, creative, and focus on people attributes of the affiliative style. This paper examines the evolution and refinement of my chosen style of leadership, the philosophy that embodies this style, and the theoretical framework that guides this style.
Evolution and Refinement of Leadership Philosophy
Evolution and refinement involve growth, change, and improvement. Philosophy can be described as a set of core values and beliefs that guide and direct one’s actions and motivations (Roussel, 2013, p. 348). According to Roussel (2013) leadership is “the process of influencing the activities of an organized group in its efforts toward goal setting and goal achievement” (p. 731). Leadership philosophy can be described as that set of core values and beliefs that guide and direct one’s style of leadership, or how one
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