Personal Leadership Assessment and Development Plan

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Personal Assessment and Leadership Development Plan Introduction The focus of my personal assessment and leadership development plan is to denote the values, beliefs, thoughts, and actions that will propel me into a state of personal fulfillment as a more complete leader at home, in the workplace, and in the community. The preparation of this document will result in the creation of a deliverable to be frequently referenced and used as a reminder of the overall direction and more specific strategies to achieve my personal and professional hopes, dreams, and aspirations, as well as put into place a foundation for facilitating leadership development in my communities. My more immediate aspirations include being promoted at the …show more content…
These topics intersect to create the platform upon which sustainable, transcendental leadership can spring forth. My value of shared identity is one that seems strongly interconnected with emotional and social intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be divided into two dimensions: (1) non cognitive self‐management personae; and (2) social dexterity (Wakeman). Similarly, social intelligence contains seven components: (1) empathy; (2) attunement; (3) organizational awareness; (4) influence; (5) developing others; (6) inspiration; and (7) teamwork (Goleman and Boyatzis). In order to create and develop a shared identity and a shared perception between people, one must demonstrate high emotional and social intelligence. The social intelligence quality of attunement also supports my value of shared identity.

The results of my Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire were a coordinate pair of (6, 7), which placed me in the sector of the circle attributed to a gamma alpha persona. This means that my social dexterity score is 7 and my non‐cognitive self‐management personae score is 6. The quadrant and sector describes people with well‐ developed social dexterity and non‐cognitive self‐management skills. Feeling confident in my ability to employ emotional and social intelligence, I can best leverage my limited time to develop stronger
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