Personal Leadership Characteristics. After Completing The

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Personal Leadership Characteristics After completing the assigned Leadership Style Survey, I discovered that I mostly demonstrate the participative leadership style. According to my other survey responses, I also strongly exhibit delegative leadership traits and that I infrequently use autocratic leadership. The survey allowed my to better pinpoint my leadership traits and provided me with the opportunity to reflect on how I rationalize my make decisions. By completing the survey I learned that I am the type of leader who values others and encourages global participation. I also empower others by delegating responsibilities and promote fairness by seeking a consensus when possible. Finally, although I do not use autocratic leadership…show more content…
Opportunities for Improvement Despite my leadership strengths there are a few areas that I still need to improve upon. Kelly and Tazbir (2014) identified six traits that differentiate leaders and nonleaders: “drive, the desire to lead, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, cognitive ability, and knowledge of the business” (p.7). I have realized that in comparison to other nurse leaders, I am still quite novice to this role. Therefore, I sometimes lack the self-confidence necessary to overcome challenging and more experienced peers. I also have learned that departmental and organizational politics within a healthcare organization can be surprisingly challenging. Slowly I am beginning to understand that the ability to navigate organizational politics is essential to achieving desired unit and departmental goals. It is important for nurse leaders to establish relationships with other members of the organization by reaching out to neighboring units and communicating with other service lines. Patterson (2013) explains that the ability to recognize the value of distinct leadership styles allows nurse leaders to experience self-growth and enhances their ability to build working relationships. The second area I wish to improve upon is my knowledge of healthcare as a business. The more I know and understand about the healthcare industry the better prepared I will be to make important decisions. Nurse leaders must find opportunities
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