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Personal Leadership Development Plan “Attitude makes all the difference. The development of a positive attitude is the first conscious step toward becoming an effective leader “(Maxwell, 1993, p. 171). Successful leadership cannot be constructed without this crucial building block. My leadership philosophy is based upon life experiences, successes, and failures. In order to be a great leader, I must establish a plan; a map that plans a route to reach organization and the appropriate skills and knowledge necessary. As an effective leader, I must define my mission and continuously communicate with followers. Throughout the class, People Development Strategies That Build Competitive Advantage as well as over the course of the year, many…show more content…
“The DiSC model provides a common language that individuals can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others” (How disc works, 2010). The four areas of concentration include:
• Dominance – emphasis is placed on accomplishing results
• Influence – emphasis is placed on influencing or persuading others
• Steadiness – emphasis is placed on cooperation and dependability
• Conscientiousness – emphasis is placed on quality and accuracy
Based on my responses, the DiSC assessment seeks to interpret my classical profile pattern. According to the DISC assessment I am considered an influencer. Aligned with the characteristics of this category, I tend to place an importance on shaping the environment by influencing or persuading others. Measuring strong in the “I” category I am defined as being convincing, enthusiastic, warm, trusting, and optimistic. I tend to expend my energy to stay focused for long periods of time and research all the facts on a given problem. As an influencer, the DiSC classical profile pattern classified me as a counselor. I am approachable, affectionate, and understanding. In an organization I remain stable and predictable. I’ve been identified to develop a wide range of friendships and listen to others feelings. Overall, I moderately agree with the outcome of this this assessment. However, I am confident that some of the characteristics
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