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Personal Leadership Development Plan: Section 1 Debra Sackey This paper is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Business Leadership BUS 5453, Fall, 2014 Texas Woman’s University School of Management Dr. Kerry S. Webb, Ph.D. November 15, 2014 Abstract This document contains the findings from my personal DISC assessment completed on November 6, 2014, along with feedback from my team summarized in a Leadership Scorecard in order to raise my own self-awareness and provide me with the tools to complete a Personal Leadership Development Plan for professional growth. Keywords: leadership, development, DISC, growth, action plan, goals Personal Leadership Development Plan Establishing a Personal…show more content…
The second part of the self-assessment will introduce and evaluate professional feedback which will be summarized within a Leadership Scorecard. Finally, this formal self-assessment will be carefully examined and used to create personal leadership goals. Section 1: Self Awareness In order to be a successful leader, I need to be able to recognize environments that will make me successful. By understanding my natural preferences and limitations, I can pursue the right opportunities, in the right way, at the right moment, and get the results I want. As a result of taking the DISC Assessment, I found that my primary natural style is I (Influencing, Inspiring) and my secondary style is S (Stabilizing, Steadiness) which I found to be very accurate. My natural behaviors are relationship focused. Although, I have some flexibility to operate within the C-style (Compliant, Conscientious), the most difficult development zone for me is the D-style (Dominant, Directing) and will require a deliberate change in behavior and a great deal of energy as I fall in the lower level of this style. 1. Personal Behavioral Style As an “Inspirer,” I am able to socialize easily, I like to use humor to make people feel comfortable and don’t mind being around strangers. I like to have fun and am good at building relationships with people. I prefer to persuade and influence as opposed to command and direct. The “Stabilizer” in my
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