Personal Leadership Development Plan Entries

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From day of training zero, the significance associated with our self-assessments was very clear to me. It provided an opportunity to put definitions behind behaviors. Allowing me to see myself from different perspectives, all of my attributes, both good and bad. I also found many lesson concepts relatable to assist me moving forward with my Air Force career. Over the next few pages, I will go into further detain regarding my five focus areas within our personal leadership development plan entries. I will link these entries to aid in the creation of my 5-year plan, while considering how I wish to be perceived by my leaders, peers, and subordinates. After I received the notification to attend the Intermediate Leadership…show more content…
What I’ve learned, however, is everyone brings their own amount of value to the table. What I lack in some areas, I make up for in others. You can’t hang experience up in your office in some fancy frame. Instead, you see it in the way a person carries himself or herself. I’ll probably never turn in a perfect paper with zero errors, but you can make certain I will always continue to do what is in the best interest of my subordinates, my peers, and my leadership. There are a lot of very intellectual people in this course, but what I’ve learned is intellect and experience go hand and hand. I have experience. I believe I’m right where I need to be in terms of my experience level as an NCO. So first and foremost, as part of my three-year plan, I will complete my Bachelor’s degree. I will try to balance out my experience with my intellect. Once the degree is achieved, it will probably get tucked away in a filing cabinet because the judgment of a person’s character shouldn’t be hanging on a wall. Instead, I will use the education I received to be a better, more rounded leader. When my Airmen ask for advice on education, I can provide them sound insight from first hand experience. I could recommend different schools and provide points of contact and advisors. When placed on a manning board along side of my peers, I will have the upper hand, because I now not only have experience, but also intellect. I’ll use
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