Personal Leadership Development Plan Entries

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From day of training zero, the significance associated with our self-assessments was very clear to me. It provided an opportunity to put definitions behind behaviors. Allowing me to see myself from different perspectives, all of my attributes, both good and bad. I also found many lesson concepts relatable to assist me moving forward with my Air Force career. Over the next few pages, I will go into further detain regarding my five focus areas within our personal leadership development plan entries. I will link these entries to aid in the creation of my 5-year plan, while considering how I wish to be perceived by my leaders, peers, and subordinates. After I received the notification to attend the Intermediate Leadership Experience, I sat down with my Chief. He told me the people selected to attend this new course are the top level Technical Sergeants in the Air Force. His theory was sound, when we received the email to complete our Course 15’s, we didn’t blow it off, like most. Instead, we buckled down and completed our required profession military education. When he told me this, I couldn’t help but feel a since of uncertainty. Would I be able to add value to this course? Would I complete this course? These were the types of questions going through my head the days leading up to Mathies. Now it’s day one, and Chief Deese’s is recognizing these great accomplishments…My Master’s degrees, stand up! Bachelor’s stand up! Now I’m thinking to myself…
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