Personal Leadership Goals For The Next 3 Years

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Section THREE: Personal Leadership Development. My personal leadership goals for the next 3 years. Mission: To be a leader of integrity who motivates, influences and inspires her followers to push themselves to their maximum potential for the greater good of the team. My mission is to be a leader of integrity who is honest, open and transparent with the followers and this will help me create trust with the people around me. As a leader, I want to be a motivator and a role model for the people around me by inspiring and positively influencing them so that they can also do the same for other people. Most importantly, my mission as a leader is to help people enrich themselves by encouraging them to embrace who they are, and what they stand for, so that they can reach their maximum potential and also enrich their communities. Vision: To have a team oriented organization. My vision as a leader is to inspire and emphasize the importance of team spirit amongst the people I work with. I envision myself leading a company full of people with different abilities, and by encouraging people to embrace their different abilities, together we will have a diverse organization that embraces us all and make us better people and a team. Core values: Honest, inspiring, respectful, nurturing, supportive, optimistic. My core values as a leader include being honest with the people I work with, and this will make me a credible leader and a person who can be trusted, impacting and inspiring the
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