Personal Leadership : Leadership And Its Challenges And Opportunities

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This paper covers personal leadership by describing a personal leadership philosophy. This is explored by presenting a squadron commander’s biggest leadership challenge. Additionally, an analysis of the leadership challenge is evaluated in context with the author’s leadership philosophy. In accomplishing these elements, this paper will provide a learning opportunity and insight into leadership and its challenges and opportunities.
When confronted by a Group Commander about my leadership philosophy, I would say a triple bottom line approach of social, economic, and environment in order to accomplish organizational sustainability. I correlate the social bottom line to taking care of people. My approach to this is following the golden rule. I associate the economic bottom line with the mission. Essentially the military “makes money” based on mission accomplishment, and focus on other bottom lines is meaningless without success in the mission. Finally, I link the environment bottom line to the culture that is built in an organization. For me this includes areas such as innovative thinking, diversity, equality, and a setting a mentality of success.
I arrived at this philosophy based on military experience and education. Specifically, as I pursued my Master’s Degree, sustainability in business and the principle of the triple bottom peaked my interest. Triple bottom line decision-making is described as the process by which social, environmental, and

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