Personal Leadership : My Personal Philosophy Of Leadership

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My personal leadership philosophy is based upon a few core values that I follow. I live by honesty, hard work, loyalty, and strong support and care for family and friends. Some of the key attributes of a good leader are: providing direction and guidance, inspiring followers to always do their best, show courage and confidence to stand up for your beliefs, have a passion and commitment for what you are doing. A good leader will share their vision of success with the group and make sure everyone understands the direction that they need to go in. The leader needs to make sure that each member knows their expectations and how important their efforts are in reaching the goals of the organization. This means that a leader must empower others to have a sense of ownership for their work. This is accomplished by giving clear goals and objectives and then giving them the freedom to complete their objectives without micro managing them. Another leadership trait is the ability to motivate and inspire the group. The leader needs to be the spark that ignites inspiration and passion for the job. This can be accomplished by positive reinforcement while rewarding and recognizing good results. Good leaders will always lead by example and demonstrate the values of honesty and integrity. There is no grey line between what is right and wrong. To me honesty is being truthful to others while keeping your uprightness of character. It is matching what you say with what you do. A leader will always
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