Personal Leadership Philosophy

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My Personal Leadership Philosophy My definition of leadership My father once told me that, “everything we do— be it in academia, at work, social or family life—we are guided by principles, beliefs and values that collectively form our ideology of life.” I believe that every leader, to a certain extent, is shaped through her individual personal experience. Although in some cases, we may not realize to what extent our personal assumptions and beliefs shape our ability to lead or be led. In my opinion the term leadership is a very broad and various definitions are given by authors. One definition of leadership is that it is “ the process of developing and communicating a vision for the future, motivating people and gaining their…show more content…
Approachable I believe a good leader is able to draw distinct clear lines when dealing with the people under her responsibility. I feel a good leader is approachable and yet still manages to maintain an authoritative stance. Often leaders tend to cross the line and become too friendly with the people they lead in a bid to gain popularity. However, from my work experience, when the leader tries to switch hats to being an authoritative figure it backfires. Which ultimately results in confusion amongst the group due to mixed signals and followers losing respect for the leader. Flexible The media industry is an extremely dynamic field that is constantly evolving and therefore requires leaders who are open to change. I believe an effective leader is one who is flexible and able to adapt to various situations and is quick to make necessary changes where applicable. Being a flexible leader in my opinion is essential in achieving the organizations goals, as it gives both the leader and those being led the opportunity to make use of their capabilities to their full potential. I believe that being flexible gives those that are being led room for solving problems in a fashion that is not rigid and constraining. Flexibility gives those being led a boost of motivation and morale. In a rigid environment, individuals tend to be frustrated resulting in people performing below standard. However, the leader needs to be in a position to identify how flexible she can be:
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