Personal Leadership Philosophy Of A Healthcare Organization

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PERSONAL LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY We live and operate in a reasonably diverse world, and consequently our operations come with a variability of values and beliefs from multicultural backgrounds. As a leader in a healthcare organization I must explore the organizational beliefs, vision, team motivations in order to accomplish the perceived vision successfully and professionally. It is my responsibility as a leader to effectively articulate the identified vision of the organization and motivate the team associates toward the accomplishment of the goals and objectives. It might require the confrontation of challenging and difficult choices and the leader’s deeply held philosophy. In this paper, I will create my personal leadership…show more content…
The superior act of living an effective life lies in the pursuit of excellent vision, to move from where we are to where we ought to be, either as a person or as an organization. A health care leader must motivate the organizational team, find how to work with the associates to effectively dedicate their time and energy to achieve the identified goals and objectives through the established vision. The team members need to buy into the vision, where they are currently doing what the leader envisions, the leader must encourage them, keep them on track and set standards for the team by setting goals and objective, flowing from the vision. This will enable the leader to move the health care organization to the expected performance level within the set time period. The leader must ensure that individual responsibilities of the associates are identified, motivated and resources provided to achieve the identified goals. To pursue the vision, I will lead the development of the health care organization’s strategic alignment of clear goals and objectives, to preserve the core mission and encourage progress toward the envisioned future state. Also, I will encourage and provide the direction for the organization without hindering the development of the goals that we expect to accomplish. I believe that we can achieve what we have envisioned in our lives as we consistently not only believe it but confidently work hard toward that belief. Such is my principle and conviction

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