Personal Leadership Style Of My Career Essay

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1. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work for several leaders who in one way or another influenced and molded my personal leadership style. Although not all of them are revered as positive influences, each one of them provided me with the building blocks to develop myself as a leader and find my place within the organization. 2. Remembering a Boatswains Mate Master Chief at my first unit. He taught me to be fair but firm. I can practically hear him right now saying “Don’t take it personal, keep it professional and always do the right thing”. That phrase, as simple as it might sound guided my early stages of development into the leader I am today. After the BMCM, some time passed before I came across a young Lieutenant Commander who is now a Rear Admiral. An extremely intelligent man who taught me to pursue a higher education and never stop improving myself professionally, as a person, leader and parent. He was often absent from the office tending to other affairs, but his presence was felt throughout. He told us to find the one thing we liked to do and master it. 3. Years passed without much of a leader role model. Although I worked for some, they did not influence me in any way. The next influential leader in my career came in the form of a Warrant Officer who had a completely different approach to leadership from my two previous influences. For him, it was his way or the highway. He did not value input from the Chiefs nor the crew. He did not concern
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