Personal Leadership Style

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Personal Leadership Style Rita Tyeptanar Rasmussen College Author Note This paper is being submitted on July 26, 2015, for Professor De La Cruz H300/HSA3110 Section 01 Introduction to Healthcare Administration course. Have you ever been to a job interview and been asked “What is your leadership style” and “What is your strength or weaknesses with your leadership style, and how would you improve your weaknesses”? Well in this paper I am going to go over what I feel is my leadership style, what my strength and weaknesses are and how I would improve my weaknesses. This is all very good information to know very well as you enter into a new career because when you are asked this you will be able to answer the interviewer strongly…show more content…
Most of my life I personally have set lots of specific, attainable goals and have had no problems in achieving them, whether it was in a big or small way. I am a very hard worker and when I work in a group I am able to use my interest and motivation on a subject to get people interested and motivated to achieve the end result. Another weakness of mine though is that when I am first meeting people I come off as kind of quiet and soft spoken, but within a few hours as I warm up to the people I am around I am very outgoing and social able person. Over my years I have gotten better with this, but I could still use some improvement. I think my biggest struggle with being quiet is that I will sometimes doubt what I know around people that I am not familiar with, so to change this and overcome this weakness I need to just be confident in what I know and let that show right away as I start off with the group I am with, whether it is big or small. So in conclusion if I were asked in an interview what leadership style I am I would have to say that I am the type that leads people with compassion, but I can be firm and authoritative if I need to be. I do care about people and their feelings but if it is not in the best interest of the group or company I will not just give in to them. I have the social outgoing skills to be able to talk to people and lead a big group of people through a project and achieve success. With
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