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Personal learning environment refers to personalized learning which located the learner at the center of the learning process. There are many definitions of a personal learning environment in literature and they describe the practice of personal learning environment as a system of learning or learning approach. One of the new definition of personal learning environment that describes personal learning environment as Web 2.0 tools and services by which users’ access, construct, manage, and share educational contents in order to meet their learning needs (Şahin & Uluyol, 2016). In addition, a personal learning environment is a space for the learner to create, explore and communicate (Dalsgaard 2006, p. 2). As Van Harmelen (2008) noted that a personal learning environment is contained of the computer-based parts of what he refers to as the “learning ecosystem’’. Del, Arquero, & Romero (2015) point out “personal learning
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According to (Hicks & Sinkinson, 2015), there are many characteristics of personal learning environment which give it an advantage over another learning environment. One of this advantage, learners can access these environments freely, use tools, and make individual choices (Şahin & Uluyol, 2016). Also, it allows learners to engage in interaction and cooperation with a high level of participation in learning activities (Chatti, Dakova, Thüs, & Schroeder, 2013; Marin, Negre, & Perez, 2014; Şahin & Uluyol, 2016). One of the most significant characteristics explaining personal learning environment is that they are customizable (Saadatmand & Kumpulainen, 2012). In the other word, it supports the meaning of individualization which means the learning can be independent. In addition, personal learning networks sometimes instead of personal learning environment which means learners are able to create and share knowledge in these environments, acting together with the simultaneous opportunity for self-reflection (Şahin & Uluyol,
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