Personal Learning Experience

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Tarik Dean 9/6/12 English Composition and Gram - GE 102 - 03 Personal learning experience essay Running track probably benefited me more than most people. When I ran track I just didn’t benefit from the physical exercise, but track benefitted me in many other ways I didn’t come to realize until I did a little self examination on myself. Looking back I realized track didn’t just make me more powerful physically. It also learned that it made me more powerful mentally. Through track I also learned how competitive I am. If I didn’t run track I don’t know if I’d be as physically and mentally powerful, or if I’d be as competitive. Track taught me how competitive I was. My competitiveness is the major factor I tried out for the track team…show more content…
I didn’t realize it initially because during track season I was sore, tired, and because of the shin splints, I was in pain a lot also a lot of the time. But after my first year of track I noticed I had a nice set of muscles and seemingly boundless energy. My mile time came down from somewhere around 9 minutes at tryouts to 6 minutes by the end of the season. Track taught me how to handle being in pain during workouts. I adjusted to the newfound pain by welcoming it. I told myself if I wasn’t in pain after a workout, then I didn’t work hard enough. Track taught me to change pain from a burden to an indicator that I’m doing what I’m supposed to. Running track was a learning experience. The lessons I’ve learned from running track make me who I am today. It helped make me into a competitive, physically and mentally strong young man. Back in 7th grade my first year running track, I sometimes contemplating quitting. I’m happy I never
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