Personal Learning Management

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Personal learning management The software application is being added a new functionality it is supposed to enter, store and recall a valuable item of learning. At this level then, it is necessary to examine the iteration control structure and the final aim is that of classifying the learning item into one of the three categories: High value Significant value, and Limited value. The first step in attaining the desired objective is that of launching the application and attesting the compatibility between the already existent data and the data to be introduced. It is then necessary to introduce the data and to store it, making it easily accessible for future usage. At a more detailed level, the steps to be followed refer to the following: Launching of the application Testing the compatibility between the application and the data used Assessing the new data in light of the data already contained by the application Integrating the new data in the necessary group, string etc. Identifying the features of the new data Identifying the features of the already existent groups If applicable, integrating the new data in one of the already existent groups If the new data cannot be integrated in an already existent group, then a new group would be formed for this to be possible, the new data has to be compatible with the application Allowing for the data to be stored by the group, not only introduced once Allowing for the data to be easily accessible to the user. At
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