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PERSONAL LEARNING STYLE I recently researched the four main learning styles, which helped me to determine which of the four I thought I was best matched with. These four learning styles are: visual learning, auditory or linguistic learning, reading/writing-preference learning, and kinesthetic. Visual learners like to see what they are being taught, such as looking at an over-head projection. Auditory learners like listening to lectures and discussions. Reading and writing learners prefer to read textbooks and write information down in order to remember it. And finally, kinesthetic learners prefer a more hands-on approach. Those learners like to be moving around, and find…show more content…
Because at times my mind wanders without me really realizing it, sometimes I walk away from a class feeling lost about what was being taught. This has impacted me because it is embarrassing to ask a teacher to repeat themselves when I need clarification. This has negatively impacted my grades in the past, due to me being unsure of details. On a positive side, because I am a visual learner, I always write important information down, such as exam dates, in a daily organizer. This really does help to keep me organized and to remember what I am supposed to be doing, or handing in, and when. In conclusion, I believe that no matter what learning style I am, it doesn’t have anything to do with how smart I may or may not be. It has to do with how my mind works, and what my individual preferences are to effectively learn new information. I believe there is no good or a bad learning style. An important thing for me to remember, is to be aware of my own learning style, and to apply it whenever possible. If you are aware of how your brain best learns, you have a better chance of studying in a way that will pay off when it’s exam time. By researching these learning styles, I was able to better understand the way I learned, and why. This will help hopefully help me in the future, as I learn more about better study techniques that I can apply to my education from
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