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Abstract Throughout life everyone learns. How we learn and whether we are able to retain and recall that information is the problematic part. This paper will discuss the ways that we all are diverse and the various ways we are most able to learn for long-term knowledge. Most people know that everyone has different learning styles. The way we absorb, analyze, and retain information is what makes each individual unique. What is successful for one individual may not be the most optimal way of learning for someone else. Mr. Howard Gardner, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, suggested that there are eight different intelligences governing which learning style would be the most productive-based upon our own…show more content…
Another type of intelligence is the verbal-linguistic. They are people who are usually very good with grammar and remember terms and definitions easily. The best ways for a verbal-linguistic person to study would be to outline chapters or teaching and reciting information out loud. Group study may be beneficial to this person as well. Musical-rhythmic intelligence would apply to people who are sensitive to tonal qualities and understand the structure of music and rhythm. Learning with music in the background, or putting rhythms to words to make recalling information easier, would be a study technique very useful for this type of learner. Have you ever looked at someone's notes that are all colored in, or highlighted, or there are charts and graphs in the margins? If so, those notes would likely belong to a visual-spatial type intelligence. In general, this person likes to draw, and can do so quite accurately when analyzing the relationship of objects either by using graphs or mapping the process in his or her mind. A logical-mathematical intelligence person would organize material logically when taking notes, and would likely re-do them on the computer when they got home to keep them neat and organized. Reasoning inductively and deductively in everyday life would help them recognize abstract patterns and want to delve further into how things are connected and the

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