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Describe your top two (2) key take away messages and why they are the top two. Describe how you will use these key take away messages to move ahead in your dissertation research (no matter what stage of the dissertation process you are in). I would like to initiate my response paper by expressing personal gratitude towards the information depicted throughout Dr. Doussett presentation. She did an exceptional job capturing her personal struggles combined with interventions to overcome those struggles. More importantly, she painted a real perception regarding the emotional action required to complete a dissertation. I found numerous messages embedded within her presentation to hold significant value in relation to my own dissertation, as I felt a connection between our experiences. Dr. Doussett indicated she generated two to three questions per the completion of each article, therefore she was able to dig deeper into her topic of interest. I appreciate this strategy, as it will allow me to focus on my current topic of interest, while narrowing my research inquiry. Chucking articles into common categories, as a means to organize themes, keywords, and thoughts was the second imperative take away message expressed within the presentation. Organizing articles is essential in the completion of ones’ literature review, as common themes should be illuminated and reviewed. At this stage of your research, what is the key article you have identified? Describe why this is your
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