Personal Level Of Success : How Do Responsibility And Accountability Differ?

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When it comes to success, is there simply one characteristic or skill that makes success attainable? Or is there one characteristic that is more important than the rest? The truth is that there is a large variety of important factors that play a role in one’s ability to achieve a certain level of success, but what are some of the main ones? Some of the most important factors in the attainability of success involve one’s ability to be responsible, along with their personal level of accountability. A large percentage of people blame their problems and failures on things other than themselves, including other people, bad timing, things out of their control, and just bad luck. Everyone wants to be successful in life, but people who constantly blame their undesired circumstances on others are not going to make it far in life (Galindo). Being both responsible and accountable leaves individuals more likely to be successful in life over individuals who are not responsible or accountable. First off, how do responsibility and accountability differ? In the definitions of responsibility and accountability, the other is mentioned either in the original definition or as a synonym, so this means that the words are very similar, but what actually sets these two words apart? Responsibility differs from accountability, in such that responsibility can be shared, while accountability cannot be shared; being accountable also means more than just being responsible, it means to be ultimately

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