Essay on Personal Management Skills

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Personal management skills (2000 words) Terms of reference I have been employed by Fab Sweets Ltd to analyse the production side of their business, and to suggest and develop solutions to the problems that exist. Procedures Analyse the company •     Organisational climate •     Organisational culture •     Job design •     Work restructuring •     Motivation •     Leadership Apply theories and best practice Recommend actions to be taken (future actions!) According to Charles Handy (1991), the modern organisation requires us: ‘To learn new ways and new habits, to live with more…show more content…
bsp;  Work is natural     Communication     Orders     Work is a necessity      creativity     security      (Hannagan Tim, page 58, 2002) Job measurement Maslow’s needs hierarchy Analysis of the company Findings •     Identify problems (why is it a problem?)(reference) •     No responsibilities •     No motivation •     No job satisfaction •     Lack of communication •     Personal problems •     Grading and payment levels •     High labour turnover •     Unreached targets •     High level of scrap •     Attitude •     Atmosphere •     Climate •      •     Support your findings Conclusion      Overall summary of problem (holistically) Recommendations      Solutions to the problem           Why suitable?(reference) MOTIVATION Applying Maslow’s need hierarchy Needs levels     General
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