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Personal Manifesto
Somebody once told me it is okay to be average as long as you are a good person. Life is short, do as many things as you can to live a happy life and do all the things you aspire to do before time runs out.
One evening while I was on vacation visiting my grandparents we were sitting around the dinner table eating a homemade meal made by my grandma. It was my mom, my sister, my foreign exchange student, two of my good friends, and I all eating dinner together. Dinner had come to an end and one of my friends and I were still sitting at the table with my grandpa. He has always been a very inspirational person in my life and most of the things he says mean a lot and really make me think. There was one thing my grandpa told
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School, sports, clubs, and volunteering have made me into the person I am today and no person can change that. Life's too short to waste time, so you need to decide what in life will make you into a good person. In today's society kids are becoming so set on the idea that they need to be the best at everything they do, and are losing the idea of just doing something for fun or for the sake of interest. Every child needs to learn that is there is an opportunity for them to experience something new, they need to take it. I have built some great relationships with some of the best people by spontaneously joining a new club or group. It is so important to break out of your comfort zone to do something you never thought you would, because if you’re anything like me, you will try something new and fall in love with it. There is also the other side of the spectrum, where you try something new and you decide you don't like it. Don't feel discouraged by this, it happens to many people and even if you decide you don't want to do it again, be happy you went out and tried it because there are so many people who don't have the nerve to even try new things. Always be proud of yourself for trying, even if it's the least you can…show more content…
Even being an average person can be very difficult. If you look at a large amount of people in this world, they are average or below average in most things they do. No one can be good at everything, so don't ever think you have to be. Feeling pressured to be great at everything is one thing no one should ever have to go through. All it seems to do is tear down people's’ self esteem creating more reserved and quiet people. Life is hard, and if it were meant to be easy, everyone would be good at everything and the majority of things would be meaningless. So, what would be the point of living a meaningless life? Take every situation in life and live it with the intention that it will be the
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