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A Personal Marketing Plan Even as a child I always marvel about how systematic the process of handling the financial aspect of a certain company works. I have seen some people from my family try to organize their books of accounts and I am amazed at how financial statements are well coordinated. Thus, when I pursue my college education I decided that I want to take up accounting and learn the systematic process of managing finances. I come from a line of family who are into the business world. This is the reason why I ultimately believe that I am a top candidate in any accounting firm. Allow me to be specific, I am driven as a child and it extends as I aged. My fascination as a child for this process motivated me to develop a sense of…show more content…
SWOT Analysis In order to know my position in the industry and the viability of my chosen profession, A SWOT Analysis has been initiated taking into consideration the legal, social, economic and technological aspects of business. Becoming an accountant requires having the appropriate degree and passing the licensure examination. The educational requirement, as well as the number of hours in apprenticeship is necessary before one can rightfully be called an accountant. A mere graduate of the profession would not constitute to automatic nomination into the league or associations of accountant. As an international student, in order to work in the US one must secure a working permit. This is one of the requirements in working in the US. Usually, if an individual enter the US in a student visa then that individual is required by law to return to his or her country of origin. However, if an opportunity of employment is opened or extended to this individual, the employer would fix all the necessary documents to arrange for the individual’s working visa and permits. Although protected by law, discrimination and prejudice still exist in the US and this is one of the identified threats which might deter a person qualified or otherwise to seek employment from a reputable company. Language barrier is also a problem that is seen as a weakness and a threat at the same time. Foreign nationals who have been to the US for a limited time may not necessarily

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