Personal Marketing Plan For A Business

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Personal Marketing Plan
Executive Summary
This research undertaking focuses on development of a personal marketing plan for a potential job applicant in a modern organization. Its core indulgence revolves around the overall desire to guarantee positive outcomes in instances where individual intend to secure a job placement in a corporate entity. The introductory segment looks at the situation analysis and the factors that are integral to securing employment. The analysis evaluates on how applicants can focus on their strengths in a bid to project a positive image of their character and personality. People can only provide adequate and accurate information if they understand what the employer is looking for. This aspect of a personal marketing plan is covered in the situation analysis segment. The strategic direction section is also important because it merges factors that the applicant encounters in the job market. The applicant must understand their personal attributes and reflect on how such attributes contribute to their success in the job market. This marketing plan also covers the market strategy in regard to identification of areas that compliment personal strengths. The marketing plan also looks at the need to conduct a SWOT analysis in a bid to understand strong areas and identify those that require effort and improvement. Generally, this marketing plan…

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