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Running head: Personal Mission Personal Mission Ashlee McGrady Grand Canyon University SPE 330 Special Education Foundations and Framework July 28, 2011 Personal Mission Each person has their own idea or thoughts on things. You may think that it is silly to live in the country so far from the city while I may think it is silly to live in crowded city. The same goes for perspective educators; each individual has their own opinion of what it is going to be like to become a teacher and what their classroom is going to be like before they have completed their first educational class. As time passes and classes are taken, those preconceived thoughts can have a way of changing your future expectations. Views…show more content…
Beyond fulfilling the requirements of the IEP’s these teachers have to be able to do just that, teach. They have to create lessons for their classes and then help create modified material for their students within team taught classes. Having the opportunity to work with special educators while I am in school has opened my eyes to the demands that are on these teachers. Now, being enrolled in my first special education class, I am realizing that there is a lot more to being a special educator and we are only in the third week of the course. Behind regular education there are certain standards that all educators have to follow and understand. Special educators have to understand and follow the same general standards and standards for special educators. There are several different standards, acts and policies that these special educators need to know and understand in order to be successful. These standards and acts are the foundation to the teaching material and the expectations within the special education world. The No Child Left Behind Act is very important in education and yes you do hear about it within the school but not in depth. The NCLB Act holds the actual school districts accountable for their successes and failures. In order for an area to receive funding they have to be able to prove that their students are competent and meeting the set standards. If the schools fail to meet those standards then they are punished not

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