Personal Narrative: 25 Pets

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Shay and Zane turn 16 in 5 days, they both had the same birthday, so they both go in and leave the factory on the same day. Everyone knows what happens when you turn 16, you go to the factory, 10 enter, 3 leave, and no one knows what happens inside, even if you had already entered and are one of the lucky 3 that left, you forget everything that happened inside. They both were extremely nervous, but whenever one of them got nervous they just went and played one of the 25 pets that are required to have. ~~ Because Shay was extremely nervous one day, she called up Zane to see if they wanted to play, and let their pets hangout for a while. When Zane got to Shays house, Zane asked a question everyone wonders but never had the nerve to ask. "What…show more content…
If they got caught it would be obvious that they were running away. They were plenty ready for a long time in the wild. Not to far into their trip Zane heard wardens talking about how two kids had ran away, to escape the factory, and how they had to catch them before Monday, September 21, because that was when their birthday was. Shay was a behind Zane tying her shoes, and didn't hear any of the conversation. Zane was horrified, no one ever had even seen a warden unless you were a big trouble maker, and even they hardly ever saw them. Come to think about it Zane realized he never even met someone who had met one, all of his friends that had seen one, he never saw them again. He started to wonder what the wardens did to people who missed behaved, but he didn't have time to think about that. He ran over to Shay as fast as he could, but on his run over he stepped on a twig, and broke it, making a horrifically loud noise, he ran over and grabbed Shay as fast as he could, and had her climb up the tallest tree he could find, covering her mouth. He whispered everything to Shay, barley loud enough for him to hear it, but once he was done, and took his had off of Shays mouth she let out a gasp, definitely loud enough so that the wardens could hear them. Out of know where arrows and darts started flying at them, they both realized that the wardens had heard and seen them. A dart hit both Shay and Zane and they both fell right to
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