Personal Narrative-3 Strikes And You Re Out !

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3 Strikes and You’re Out! I like to pretend that I am an athlete, that I can conquer any sport thrown my way and still play by the rules. I like to pretend that nothing can ever get in the way of that. The problem is things can get in the way and in a moment you least expect or least want them to get in the way. But for a third-grader thrust into the excitement of softball none of that matters. It was a thought blown away in the wind. I can still remember the crisp clean sound of the ball landing in my glove. The loud clank as the bat connected with the ball soaring out into the field. Remember the smell of freshly cut grass and hot concession items smells drifting over the field. Remember the way the ump shouted, “PLAY BALL,” as I crouched…show more content…
That was when I met one of my hero’s in this world Dr. David A. Joos and what I think is fitting my loving sidekick and mentor Kelly. At our first visit I went through another round of x-rays. He tried everything to help me become better without having to do surgery, even casting my foot to relax it, but the pain persisted and sadly it was hard to be happy. Kelly an assistant at the clinic was the one who did my cast and seemed to always make me smile when I was about to cry. After an MRI, words I had been dreading finally came, “I am sorry, but you need total reconstructive surgery, you have flat feet and your tendon is beyond repair from the first doctor.” I will admit, later that night I did cry as yet again what I wanted to do so badly was taken away from me. I wouldn’t be able to do volleyball anymore. Strike two. We had the surgery and I was even more nervous the second time around. Fear hung over me so bad I was to the breaking point. I was worried everything was going to go wrong. I remember slightly embarrassed that before the doctor walked in a few tears were shed. Though unlike the other doctor, he came to see me before surgery and noted the tears. Instead of telling me it was going to be okay, he told me it was okay to be afraid; but he would do everything he could to make sure I would come out of it
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